Price CPAs has been in business for 64 years, originally founded by Andrew (Pete) Price in 1953.

Tom Price, Pete’s son, became a partner in the firm in 1977 and became the Managing Partner in 2002. 

Alan Webb joined Price CPAs in 2002 and became a Partner in 2006. He shares leadership of the firm with Tom and focuses much of his attention on assurance services as well as business consulting.

Together, Tom and Alan continue to build the firm on strong business principles, which the company was founded. These include excellence in customer service, growth and development of all professionals and staff, and a commitment to supporting the community in which we work beyond the services provided to clients.

Take action of your finances with the right knowledge

Take action of your finances with the right knowledge

At Price CPAs, the road to a financial situation that provides peace of mind begins with a confidential conversation with an experienced professional, followed by clear recommendations – and help putting them into practice. 

Personal Financial Services
Keep your business on track with the right financial strategies

Keep your business on track with the right financial strategies

Failing to plan is planning to fail. But planning is just the start. Successful implementation requires ongoing attention to the written plan and the wisdom to know when to stay consistent with it and when to adjust it as a result of new information that allows even greater success.

Business Services

2017-2018 Tax Planning Guide

An online tax resource for important IRS updates, current
information & advice. 

 Tax Guide Online

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