5 Quick Father’s Day Gift Ideas

May 19, 2013 - 3 minutes read

Give Dad something special, without breaking the budget…

Still trying to find the perfect gift for Dad? With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have a gift guide that has something for all of Dad’s guilty pleasures, without breaking your budget.


For the Dad who loves to snack

HALFPOPS air-popped popcorn – 16 2oz. snack size bags for $23.84

If your Dad loves to snack, then this popcorn is the perfect gift for him. This delicious half-popped popcorn is locally popped in Seattle, Washington and comes in Natural Aged White Cheddar and Natural Butter & Pure Ocean Sea Salt flavors. As the name suggests, it is half-popped popcorn, giving it a crunchy, savory flavor (think corn nuts meets popcorn).


For the Dad who loves to grill

Grill alert talking remote meat thermometer – $69.99

If your Dad loves to grill, then you can take the guesswork out of a perfect finish with this talking meat thermometer. All Dad has to do is insert the metal probe into the center of his choice meat, set the thermometer, and then sit back and relax! The talking remote will tell him when he has achieved his desired doneness.


For the Dad who loves to stay fit

The FitBit activity and sleep tracker – $99.95

If you wanted to round up the family to go in on a gift together, this would be the gift to choose! The FitBit is a wireless fitness device that not only tracks activity (including number of steps walked, stairs climbed, calories burned, and more) but also sleep patterns to make sure Dad is truly getting a good nights sleep. Best of all, Dad can wirelessly upload all of his data online so he can track his progress!


For the Dad who loves to laugh

Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon – $9.99

If your Dad loves to laugh, then he will love Jimmy Fallon’s “Thank You Notes.” In this book, Jimmy has taken this popular segment from his Late Night show and turned it into a must read for when you want a good laugh.


For the Dad who loves to play

u-Control Silver Bullet Mini RC Helicopter – $29.99

If your Dad is really just a big kid in disguise, then he will love playing with this remote control helicopter. This easily controlled, rechargeable copter is ready to fly right out of the box, and can fly up to 100’ away from the remote controller. With lights for night flying and landing, and flexible body (for those first crashes) you know Dad will have a blast playing with his new toy.


What other ideas would you add to this list? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.