Board of Directors | Responsibilities and Concerns Part II of II

Published on June 13, 2017

Serving as a Director of a non-profit is both an honor and a responsibility. Many…

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Board of Directors | Responsibilities for Non-Profits Part I

Published on June 6, 2017

Volunteer service on a board of directors for your favorite charity or community service organization…

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Support Your Local Team and Business!

Published on May 25, 2017

Have you noticed the FANGtastic local support for a certain sports team in Nashville lately?…

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President Trump’s Tax Reform: What are the Goals?

Published on May 2, 2017

One Important Page on Tax Reform The White House recently released a one page document…

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Are There Choices for Taxpayers who don’t have cash to pay their income tax bills? You May Be Surprised!

Published on April 5, 2017

At this time of year, there are many questions that arise regarding tax payments. This post from…

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Tax Filing Extension: What does it mean, and is it a good idea?

Published on March 15, 2017

If your CPA uses the word “extension” concerning your tax filing, do you know what…

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Possible Tax Reform on the Horizon for 2017

Published on February 1, 2017

Staying Informed Possible tax reforms in 2017 is a topic that is being closely watched….

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Claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Published on December 29, 2016

As a business owner, is your company taking advantage of income tax credits available to…

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A Look at President- Elect Donald Trump’s Tax Proposals

Published on November 16, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump’s Tax Proposals The election is over. Many people have questions about the…

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Published on October 20, 2016

AVOIDING DEPRECIATION The good news continues as we have reached the blog on bonus depreciation…

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