Cash is King!

In today’s economy, understanding cash flow and cash flow management is critical for survival and generation of an acceptable return on investment. Surprisingly, there are numerous experienced and successful business owners who do not understand how to properly assess and forecast their cash flows.

Unfortunately, in the current market, if you don’t identify a cash crisis before it occurs, your ability to borrow the funds necessary to continue your business operations can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

By allowing us to assist you in monitoring your Company’s cash management, we can have you prepared to…

  • know when, where, and how your cash needs will occur.
  • know what the best sources are for meeting your additional cash needs.
  • be prepared to meet these needs when they occur, by keeping good relationships with bankers and other creditors.
In order to avoid a potential cash crisis, you should start by allowing us to develop a cash flow forecast for you. We can help you develop both short-term (weekly, monthly) and long-term (annual, 3-5 year) cash flow forecasts to help you develop the necessary capital strategy to meet your business needs.

We will also prepare historical cash flow statements to help you fully understand all of the inflows and outflows of your Company’s money.

Creating an accurate cash flow forecast is just one of many cash management services we provide. You also get…

  • Help obtaining an appropriate line of credit
  • Cash collection acceleration techniques
  • Proven effective payment policies
  • Help obtaining the maximum rate of return on your idle cash