Family office service is a new and trending area of development for many CPA firms. It often starts – and ends – with just wealth management. For Price CPAs, it is not a new area of service, and it includes far more than simply overseeing existing assets.

Families with significant assets and holdings face a complex set of regulations, requirements and needs. Each situation has its unique factors that need to be clearly understood in order to properly provide the services needed.

Compliance issues, private banking, private trust, document management, record keeping, expense management, family financial education and family governance are all part of the family office support system at Price CPAs. And, the list continues to include lifestyle management, purchase assistance and more, when appropriate and needed.

Centralized financial oversight through Price CPAs provides valuable insights, creates efficiencies and builds a strong foundation for decision-making resulting in an improved overall financial situation for those involved.

Your experience with Price CPAs begins with a confidential session with one of our experienced professionals, resulting in a clear set of customized recommendations tailored to meet – and exceed – the needs of your family.

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Once the plan and direction are clear, Price CPAs carries out the tasks assigned to us, which may include:

• Reconciling bank and investment statements.
• Personal Accounting Services.
• Preparing personal financial statements, monthly/quarterly/annually, including performance against budget.
• Working with vendors to verify amounts due (e.g., medical services, insurance premiums).
• Managing payroll for employees, domestic assistants, etc.
• Being available by phone or in person, including house calls when needed.
• Communicating and coordinating with the professionals on your team.
• Organizing assets for estate administration and working with executors and trustees.

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