Money Management is simply complicated – and often confusing.

We help you focus on what really matters.

Money management can be hard – and frustrating. Technology-based systems and tools claim to help simplify our lives, but often do just the opposite. For most people, understanding and managing personal finances continues to be a daunting, time-consuming task.

Life circumstances can make financial management even more difficult – particularly at already challenging time such as a death in the family or divorce. Other situations such as receiving or distributing an inheritance, caring for an ill or aging family member, or even just the fundamental desire to get financially organized all point to the value of objective, experienced professional financial planning.

At Price CPAs, the road to a financial situation that provides peace of mind begins with a confidential conversation with an experienced professional, followed by clear recommendations – and help putting them into practice.

Because we offer no financial products or investments, you can depend on the objectivity of the counsel you receive and know that there are no conflicts of interest in the recommendations we make.

Many clients already have attorneys, investment advisors, insurance agents and bankers involved with their finances. Price CPAs works with those advisors you have in place to determine assets and liabilities, resources and obligations and personal needs.


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Once the plan and direction are clear, Price CPAs carries out the tasks assigned to us, which may include:

• Reconciling bank and investment statements.
• Receiving your mail and payment bills after your approval.
• Preparing personal financial statements, monthly/quarterly/annually, including performance against budget.
• Working with vendors to verify amounts due (e.g., medical services, insurance premiums).
• Managing payroll for employees, domestic assistants, etc.
• Being available by phone or in person, including house calls when needed.
• Communicating and coordinating with the professionals on you team.
• Organizing assets for estate administration and working with executors and trustees.

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