How to Make Money on Vacation

May 19, 2013 - 3 minutes read

Vacations are something that most people look forward to every year.  But people taking vacations can make it difficult to maintain the operations of a business.  How do you fill in for the person on vacation for the week?  How does a business owner take a vacation without constantly checking in?

Cross Train Employees

Just because an employee goes on vacation does not mean that the work can stop.  A company has to have the ability to shift the responsibilities of the person to others in the department.  The best way to ensure that a person going on vacation does not impact your business is to cross train your employees.  It is also a good idea to have a trial run.  Have a week where everyone will perform other people’s jobs.

Enable employees to make decisions

As a business owner you will also need to get away at some point.  Just as you cross train employees you will have to enable your employees to make the critical decisions necessary while you are gone.  Giving employees the skills and ability to make these decisions will also benefit the company even when the owner is not on vacation.  As an owner you will not be present on every phone call, customer visit or meeting with a supplier.  Your employees will be is situations where a quick response will be very beneficial to the company.

How often to check in

As a business owner on vacation you will find yourself tempted to constantly check in while you are gone.  But if you are constantly checking email, voicemails or calling the office by the end of the vacation it will seem like you never left.  There is a reason you went on vacation to begin with.  Make the decision before you leave how often you will check in with the office and stick to it.  Now with everyone owning a smartphone, iPad or laptop you may find yourself constantly being pulled to work.  Also, be sure your employees know not to bother you unless it is an emergency.

Visit a customer or supplier

While you are on vacation you may find yourself near the location of one of your key customers or vendors.  Take a couple of hours and drop in or schedule a dinner with the management.  This could go a long way with strengthening the relationship with this company. This will also give you an idea of how this company operates if you do not know already.