Support Your Local Team and Business!

May 25, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Have you noticed the FANGtastic local support for a certain sports team in Nashville lately? Whether we ever watched or cared about hockey in the past, there is no doubt we are all Predators fans now!  And it is fun!

There really is something about the idea of local support, especially as Nashville and Middle Tennessee become increasingly attractive. It is interesting to see developers and others from around the country looking to participate in the success of the region.

When you are looking for a product or service, why would using local resources matter? It basically comes down to two factors:


First, local knowledge is valuable. Knowing people, history, trends, and local character adds considerable value to whatever data and analytics might say about our city or region. Having that kind of insight may be of significant value in making major decisions.

Second, local business owners and their employees are people you know and care about in the community. They are the people you see in your neighborhood, at church, at the grocery store, in the park, and at those increasingly popular sporting events! It means something to support the people who are a part of making your city attractive and healthy.

Price CPAs is fortunate to have been in business in this region since 1953. This fact has allowed us to develop deep relationships with and serve multiple locally owned and operated businesses of all sizes and in a variety of professions. We are very thankful for that opportunity.

And, we have enjoyed the chance to “give back” to the community. This means using local sources for products and services when we can and engaging in community service opportunities like Second Harvest Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and others. We enjoy being big supporters of the Predators, Titans, and Sounds, too!

When you are thinking about the best (and local) source to address your business and/or personal accounting and related needs, give us a call at 615-385-0686 or visit our website Our commitment to having a positive impact on your financial experience may be just what you need.