Financial Planning Services


Money Management is simply complicated.

We understand for many people, money management can be hard. Automated systems and tools “claim” to simplify our lives, but managing personal finances continues to be a daunting, time consuming task.

This is especially true for someone:

• Following a death or divorce
• After receiving or distributing an inheritance
• Caring for an ill or aging family member
• Desiring organization of financial tasks

Financial advice and planning abound, but what do you do now, today, next month, next year?

We offer independent services with:

• No conflicts of interest
• No products
• No investments

Our Process

First, we work with you and your financial advisors (e.g., lawyers, investment advisers, insurance agents, bankers) to determine:

• Assets and liabilities
• Resources and obligations
• Personal financial needs

Then we do the work for you, carrying out tasks that may include:

  • Reconciling bank and investment statements.
  • Receiving your mail and payment bills after your approval.
  • Preparing personal financial statements, monthly/quarterly/annually, including performance against budget.
  • Working with vendors to verify amounts due (e.g., medical services, insurance premiums).
  • Managing payroll for employees, domestic assistants, etc.
  • Being available by phone or in person, including house calls when needed.
  • Communicating and coordinating with the professionals on you team.
  • Organizing assets for estate administration and working with executors and trustees.

To learn more about Nashville accounting services or to schedule a time to speak with our financial service team members – Contact Clara Wood directly at 615.577.9692 or our main office line 615.385.0686