Price CPAs New Website and Improved Communication Plan

July 28, 2015 - 4 minutes read

Making a positive difference in the financial experience of our clients is why Price CPAs exists. The firm was started in 1953 with that purpose in mind, and it hasn’t ever changed – but our experience and training certainly has. Andrew Price founded the firm with just one other employee. We now have a team of 22, including five on our senior leadership team.

Communicating our purpose and vision and what that means to those we serve is something we are improving.

That begins with the launch of our updated and recreated website and some other related initiatives. Let’s consider the website first. More about the other initiatives later in this blog post.

In addition to being more visually attractive, the website is designed to be more informative and interactive. Clients (and potential clients) can find their way to information on the professional services they need, as well as other services we provide that they may want to explore. For each area of service there is a contact name with e-mail link and phone number for more information.

The variety of opportunities and challenges facing our clients is significant. With that in mind, we have assembled a team with the diverse training, experience and expertise to address those opportunities and challenges. There is information on the updated website about the professionals that make up the team at Price CPAs.

A great deal of effort has gone into attracting and keeping the best team possible so that we can deliver our services with confidence that they are excellent. The expertise assembled here far exceeds just CPAs. The credentials represented on the Price CPAs team include Certified Valuation Analyst, Certified Financial Forensics, Accredited Business Valuation, Certified Fraud Examiner and Personal Financial Planning Specialist.

In addition to the updated website, social media, including blogs and posting of important information on a variety of platforms, is also part of our new communications strategy. Providing insights that prompt ideas and possibilities for those we serve is just another way the Price CPAs team provides value. Material will be published on the new website, as well as provided through our electronic newsletter and social media posts.

While our communications approach is changing, the fundamental purpose of our firm remains the same – to make a positive difference in the financial experience of our clients. Sometimes our services are used to protect the revenue of our clients by creating operational efficiencies or finding tax savings. Other times they are used to help explore new opportunities through valuation of potential purchases or financial planning.

Price CPAs started with a primary focus on accounting, audit and tax service for businesses and individuals. Over the years our expertise and experience has expanded to also include financial analysis, business valuation, forensic review and litigation support on the business side, and family office services, financial, estate and succession planning on the personal side. And, of course, much more.

It energizes us to see the positive results we can generate for our clients – some who have been with us almost as long as we have been in business. Listening to their goals allows us to use our expertise and training to create ideas and actions that help achieve those goals. And, our new communications approach will help broaden the awareness of the full complement of services available through our firm.

Take some time to explore our new website. Watch for our traditional and social media presence and consider whether Price CPAs can be of greater service by making a positive difference in your financial experience.