The Value of Planning – The Series Begins

December 3, 2019 - 2 minutes read

The Start of a Series on Planning to Help You Create a Better Financial Experience for You, Your Family or Your Business.

Country music star Clint Black had a hit song called “We Tell Ourselves,” which includes a line that says “We tell ourselves that what we found is what we meant to find.” That’s not planning. It sounds more like shooting an arrow blindfolded, drawing a target around wherever it lands, and celebrating that you hit your target. Real planning really can change that by helping individuals or organizations identify clear goals and work to achieve what they intend.

What prompts serious planning is usually some major event, experience, or exposed need for change. It can be as a result of challenges that surface from market shifts, life circumstances or choices in the past that may not have been the best. Whatever the reason, the need for a plan becomes clear and that initiates the planning process.

Initially, the planning process is pursued with high motivation and commitment. Time to complete the plan disappears. Distractions surface. Getting started on implementation and following through long enough for the benefits to be realized gives way to the day-to-day routine. Can that be different? The answer is yes!

Price CPAs provides planning for both personal and business clients in a variety of areas. What we have discovered is that clients need a third party to interrupt working in the business in order to work on it. Our role is most often to help develop and define the goals and establish reasonable schedules and expectations for their achievement.

Over the next several weeks, we will discuss areas of planning such as strategy, tax, finance, protection (fraud abatement), and more. Consider what your business or personal financial situation might require. Please contact us through our website ( or call us at 615-385-0686, to have a conversation about how our planning experience and expertise in a variety of professional service areas might be useful.


Tom Price

Tom Price


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